Booking Info

Check in: Please check in 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Deposit: the full balance for the reservation is due at the time of booking.

Passenger Weights: In order to calculate aircraft take-off weight and balancing, accurate individual passenger weights are required at time of reservation. If you misstate your weight by more than 10% and this causes us to be unable to accommodate all scheduled passengers, your deposit will not be returned and you will be charged the balance due.

Cancellation: If the flight is cancelled by Denali Summit Flight and you are unable to reschedule, your deposit will be returned. If you cancel your reservation more than 48 hours (two days) prior to scheduled departure, your deposit is fully refundable. If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure, or you do not arrive in time for your scheduled departure, your deposit will not be returned.